Wonder Tree: A cross border project on creativity. The platform for creative minds in diverse disciplines by Toyoko Shimada/Alice's Daughter

"Wonder Tree" is a celebration of creativity, an innovative platform for the meeting of creative minds in diverse disciplines, to connect, to interact and to grow together like a tree, hoping to make a difference in the world. Creativity is the core of SUSTAINABILITY, which is emerging on our planet at the dawn of the 21st century. The developing high-tech society has increased our consciousness towards ecology and the environment.

"Wonder Tree" is the realization of a positive vision on creativity and love for creative minds. It evolved out of a dream of Toyoko Shimada, a Japanese Alice in Wonderland living in 2 cultures, in a time of multicultural co-existence and ever expanding globalization. In such times creative minds with positive energy are needed more than ever. To make a positive difference.

"Wonder Tree" is an open window towards the world, hoping for a fruitful dialogue between diverse individual worldviews and values of both the participants and the public. It manifests in both culturally and socially diverse locations and is as accessible as possible to the public.